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Event Schedule

Event Date Event Info
Super Lap Scotland powered by Rockstar Energy Drink & Hot Hatch Trackday Sunday 17th April View Info
KMSC & Scottish Championship Bike Racing Sat 24 & Sun 25 April View Info
Super Lap Scotland powered by Rockstar Energy Drink & Japanese Car Show Sat 21 & Sun 22 May View Info
KMSC & Scottish Championship Bike Racing & Rewind Festival Sat 4 & Sun 5 June View Info
Super Lap Scotland powered by Rockstar Energy Drink & British Sprint Sat 30 & Sun 31 July View Info
KMSC & Scottish Championship Bike Racing Sat 6 & Sun 7 August View Info
KMSC & Scottish Championship Bike Racing Final Sat 3 & Sun 4 September View Info
Super Lap Scotland Final powered by Rockstar Energy Drink and Paul Walker Tribute event Sun 18 September View Info

Championship Info and Booking

Knockhill Motor Sports Club Bike Racing

Formed in 2011 the Knockhill Motor Sports Club’s aim is to provide attractive race meetings for the riders, marshals and spectators alike; whilst, providing both spectators and competitors value for money and a superb all round race experience. The Club also looks to secure the future of Scottish motor sport by providing new initivatives (Super Lap Scotland, Knockhill Timed Trackday) to encourage more and more people to participate in competitive bike and car racing events.

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2016 Championship Standings

View all the championship points for each class of the Knockhill Club bike racing series.

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2015 KMSC Championship Race Results

Check out the comprehensive race results for all classes of the bike racing series

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Supplementary Regulations

1. Event Status

The Knockhill Motor Sports Club will organise Championship status Road Race meetings at Knockhill Racing Circuit on the  27th / 28th April, Permit No: 13 015, 8th / 9th June, Permit No:13 016 , 3rd / 4th July Permit No:13019 , 28th / 29th Sept Permit No:13022 .  The meeting will be held under the current standing regulations and National Sporting Code of the Auto-Cycle Union, SACU Regulations for Road Racing and these regulations, together with any Final Instructions subsequently issued or any Official Announcements made.

2. Rider Eligibility

Open to holders of 2013 licences issued by the SACU, ACU, MCUI or a Federation whose country is a member of the European Community.
Holders of licences issued by Federations other than the SACU or ACU must have written starting permission from their FMN, personal accident
insurance and valid repatriation insurance. These must be produced at signing on. The Club will not be held responsible for repatriation of any competitor.  Riders and Passengers under 18 years of age must have their Parent or Legal Guardian complete a ‘Parental Agreement’ form (supplied by SACU), they must attend signing on with the competitor and they must be available for the duration of the meeting.

3. Entries

Completed entry forms must be returned to the Race Secretary, along with the appropriate fee on or before the designated closing date. Entry fees are shown on each entry form.  Cheques made payable to Knockhill Motor Sports Club. Return to Knockhill Motor Sports Club, Knockhill Racing Circuit, Dunfermline Fife, KY12 9TF

The organisers undertake to insure each rider and passenger indemnifying him/her against any third party claims made arising out of the races or the official practice, excluding claims by other riders, drivers or passengers, entrant, sponsor or mechanic.  Restricted personal cover is also included.  All subject to the terms and conditions details in the insurance arranged by the SACU, details available on request.

All cancellation will be subject to a deduction of £20 to cover administration costs. All passes must be returned prior to any refund being made.

All cheques returned unpaid will be subject to interest charged at 5% above the Bank of England rate of interest.

4. Number of entries

Normally not more than 32 solos, 20 sidecars, shall start in any race. The Club retains the right to nominate the last 4 grid positions in any final. If less
Than 6 solos or 6 sidecars are entered in any class, the Club reserves the rights to cancel that class or, in the case of solos, include it in another class.

5. Change of Rider / Driver / Passenger

Changes of rider, or change of make of machine, or capacity may be permitted.  Any change must be notified in writing to the Secretary of the Meeting 60 minutes before the start of the days racing.  Only the holder of an entrant’s licence, being an entrant, can nominate the change of a rider.  It is not permitted to change both rider and bike.

6. Awards

Awards in the form of trophies will be awarded to the first three finishers in each race, subject to a minimum number of starters per class.

7. Programme of Events / Classes

Subject to the minimum number of 10 entries per race or six entries per class where classes are mixed, races will be run for the following classes and will be amalgamated depending on the final entry at the closing date.  The final decision of class amalgamation will be at the discretion of the Knockhill Motor Sports Club.

  • Formula 400
  • Mini Twins
  • Supersport 600
  • Scottish Superbikes(Superstock 1000)
  • Pre Injection 600
  • Clubman
  • Post Classics – Junior Sidecars Formula 1
  • Post Classics – Senior
  • Sidecars Formula 2
  • Classics
  • GP125
  • Formula 125   

Race format will depend on final entry numbers and classes.  As a guide the following format will be followed:

2 Day Race Event
10 minute Qualifying
5 Races per class where possible.

The Knockhill Motor Sports Club reserve the right to alter, modify or cancel any part of the programme as it may deem appropriate.

Final instructions, full race programme information and passes will be sent out prior to the event. Each solo rider will receive 3 passes.  Sidecar entries will receive 5 passes.  All entries via a licenced entrant will receive an additional ticket.  The passes are for circuit entry, all riders, drivers, passengers and team personnel must have a ticket for entry to the circuit.

8. The Circuit

Knockhill Racing Circuit is raced in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction.  The course is 1.289 miles long and 30ft wide.

9. Sign On / Technical Inspection

Competitors will be required to sign-on at Race Control prior to Technical Inspection.
Machines must be presented to the Technical Official at the times stated in the final instructions.  Machines should be in a practice / race ready condition displaying the numbers allocated for the meeting (in the correct style and size).  The relevant technical control card must accompany the machine.  Competitors must present themselves to the Technical Official wearing their protective clothing, boots and identification disc.  They must also bring helmet(s), visors and gloves for checking by the Technical Official.  Helmets must bear the current ACU Gold Stamp.

All machines must pass a noise test of 105db.

Re-inspection following an accident: It is the rider's responsibility to ensure following an accident:

  • a) His / her machine, helmet and clothing are re-presented to, and approved by, Technical Control before further use at the meeting.
  • b) He / she is passed fit by the Medical Officer before taking any further part in the meeting.
  • c) The relevant paperwork confirming above has been completed and returned to race control.

10. Qualifying

Qualifying start time will be confirmed in the Final Instructions (normally 8.30am). 

Qualifying will be officially timed to determine race starting positions unless determined otherwise as detailed in the Final Instructions.  All riders must complete a minimum of 3 laps.

11. Pre Race Assembly / Method of Start

Tyre Warmers may be used in the pre-race assembly area, riders will be formed up in grid order.  After 1 warm up lap all riders will assemble on the grid in their grid positions and the race will start when the red lights on the bridge go out.  NOTE there is no green light.  All races will have a clutch start.

12. Finish of Race

To be classified as a finisher and be included in the results a Rider must have completed 75% of the actual race distance.  He / she must also have crossed the finish line on the track and not in the Pit Lane within two minutes after the winner and be in contact with his / her machine.

Pit Lane within two minutes after the winner and be in contact with his / her machine.

13. General Information / Safety

Knockhill Motor Sports Club will not be held responsible for any personal items or equipment during the period of the meeting.

Riders must ride in a responsible manner which does not cause danger to other competitors or participants, either on the track or in the pit-lane.  Any infringement of this rule will be penalised as per the ACU handbook.

During practice, qualifying or racing if a rider encounters a problem with their machine which will result in retirement from the practice or the race, then he / she should not attempt to tour at reduced speed to the pits but should pull off the track and park his / her machine in a safe place as indicated by the marshals.

Riders who fall from their machine are not permitted to continue with the practice or race until passed fit by the Medical Officer and the machine re-inspected by technical control.

In the case of inclement weather, where possible, a decision will be taken on the running of the meeting by 1pm. The Club retains the right to cancel or
abandon the meeting as conditions dictate. In the event of the cancellation or abandonment of a meeting there will be a minimum cost of at least 50%
of the entry fee to cover Circuit Hire and other costs i.e. Medical cover.

There is a 10 mph limit in the paddocks and surrounding roads.  Racing machines only to be ridden within the paddock. For safety reasons, no Paddock/Push bikes or scooters of any description ridden by children or adults allowed within paddock areas.  The testing of race machines in the paddock or any service road is forbidden and may result in exclusion from the meeting.

14. Transponder Timing

(a) Timing at all events will be by Electronic Competitor Identification Modules (Transponders) and computerised Results Systems operated by ACU Licensed Timekeepers.

(b) Each competitor is responsible for having their bike fitted with a working, approved Transponder and for submitting the 7 digit Identification Number of that Transponder on their Entry Form. Failure to do so will cause that competitor to be excluded from the results of any Practice or Race. Should a bike be double entered for an event, each competitor must use a separate Transponder and submit the number of their individual Transponder on their Entry Form. Any subsequent changes of transponder, competitor, bike, or racing number must be notified to the Secretary of the Meeting and the Timekeepers before that bike is taken on the track for any practice or race.

(c) The nationally approved Transponder is an AMB or Mylaps Tranx 260 Direct Powered or Rechargeable Transponder, or in specially approved cases, a Tranx 160 Transponder. Direct Powered transponders are preferable because the operation of rechargeable models is dependant on the condition of the battery.  Bikes fitted with any other make or type of Transponder will NOT be included in any practice or race results

(d) To assist new competitors to the sport a limited supply of transponders MAY be hired from SMART Timing for a competitor’s first event ONLY. These transponders MUST be prebooked for each event.

(e) Any additional personal timing equipment must not be located within 20m of the official timing Control Line.

(f) Information and advice on approved types of transponder, sources of supply, and the location and fitting of transponders is available from SMART Timing (01896 752447 or


2014 KMSC Championship TV Programming on MotorsTV

Programme Date Time
RD 1 : SUPERSTOCKS Thursday 29 May 2014 19:58:00
RD 1 : SUPERBIKES Thursday 29 Mayi 2014 22:04:00
RD 1 : CLUB CLASSES Thursday 29 May 2014 23:06:00
RD 2 : SUPERSTOCKS Thursday 24 July 2014 19:58:00
RD 2 : SUPERBIKES Thursday 24 July 2014 21:33:00
RD 2 : CLUB CLASSES Thursday 24 July 2014 22:35:00
RD 3 : SUPERSTOCKS Thursday 28 August 2014 22:35:00
RD 3 : SUPERBIKES Thursday 4 September 2014 18:23:00
RD 3 : CLUB CLASSES Thursday 4 September 2014 23:06:00
RD 4 : SUPERSTOCKS Thursday 30 October 2014 18:23:00
RD 4 : SUPERBIKES Thursday 6 November 2014 18:23:00
RD 4 : CLUB CLASSES Thursday 6 November 2014 22:35:00

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Super Lap Scotland aims to prove who is the fastest driver in Scotland...the KING or QUEEN of KNOCKHILL! Keep up will all the latest news, announcements, regulations, championship standings and photos via the Super Lap Scotland website.

To enter a Super Lap Scotland event online please use the master log in above. For information, results and latest news please follow the link below!

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Supplementary Regulations

1. Knockhill Motor Sports Club will organise the Super Lap Scotland Super Sprint Championship at Knockhill on the dates detailed in the Championship Regulations and Official Entry Form, under MSA Permit No’s. TBA (Clubmans). The meeting will be held under the General Regulations of the MSA (incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FIA) and these Supplementary Regulations and any ASR’s or written instructions the organising club may issue for the event. Please read Final Instructions or subsequent bulletins issued to you for the meeting. The organisers reserve the right to postpone, abandon or cancel the meeting or any part thereof. In this event the competitor or entrant has no right to claim against the organisers in respect of any loss or expense he may thereby incur.

2. Eligible Competitors: This event is open to Drivers and Entrant Drivers with valid memberships of the Knockhill Motor Sports Club, registered for the Super Lap Scotland Super Sprint Championship and in possession of a valid MSA Competition (Non-Race) National (B) or above licence (Note; MSA General Regulation S.7.1.5 regarding non road legal Sports Libre Cars). Or be in possession of a valid licence and medical issued by the ASN of a member country of the European Union accompanied by written confirmation from that ASN clearly stating that the competitor is a “Professional Driver”. Competitors must comply with the MSA General Regulations for Sprint events (Section S.7, S.8 & S.9).

3. Eligible Vehicles: Super Lap Scotland is for Roadgoing Production, Modified Production and Sports Libre Cars complying with MSA General Regulations for Sprint vehicles (Section S.10, [All vehicles] S.11 [Roadgoing], S.12 [Modified] & S.14 [Sports Libre]) using treaded tyres listed in MSA GR List 1A or 1B. All vehicles must comply with the 2014 Super Lap Scotland Super Sprint Championship Regulations (CH2014/S061). Regulation S.10.9 regarding Timing Struts does not apply at this event.

4. Officials: The Senior Officials will be notified in the Final Instructions and as detailed below;
Stewards: TBA
Clerk of the Course: Paul Parker / Steve Burns
Secretary of the Meeting: Gemma Hobbs
Chief Scrutineer: Renny Thomson
Chief Timekeeper: SMART Timing

5. Judges: Judges may be appointed as MSA GR G.10. The Judges of Fact will be the Timekeepers, Scrutineers & Technical Commissioners. Timekeepers to declare the individual lap times of each Competitor. Scrutineers & Technical Commissioners to declare any infringement of vehicle safety and eligibility.

6. Starters: The maximum number of cars permitted to take part in each session is defined on the Circuit Track Licence. The organisers reserve the right to amalgamate classes with less than 4 entries.

7. Entries: The opening date is on publication of these Supplementary Regulations. The closing date is 3 days prior to the start date of the event. In addition to the MSA GR D18 the organisers reserve the right to refuse any entry at their discretion. Completed entry forms should be sent to Knockhill Motor Sports Club as detailed on the entry form. Proof of posting will not be accepted as proof of receipt.

8. Entry Fees: The entry fee will be advised on the entry form. Any entry not accompanied by the correct entry fee is not a valid entry. Late entries will be accepted at the discretion of the club. Bank charges for unpaid cheques etc. will be passed on to the competitor by the club at the rate of £25 per transaction.

9. Refunds: Entry fees, less a £25 administration charge, may be refunded to competitors who notify the organisers, in writing, before 17.00 on the Thursday prior to the event. NO REFUND will be payable after 17.00 on the Thursday prior to the meeting.

10. Practice, Qualifying and Starting: Timed Qualifying will consist of a minimum of 4 laps as follows; 1 Out lap, 2 timed Flying laps and 1 In lap. Times recorded in the Qualifying session will determine the running order for the Final timed run, for which the fastest 5 competitors from each class will qualify. For the Final timed run competitors will be started from the Pitlane exit. Timing will commence when the vehicle crosses the Timing Control Line beam in front of the Timekeepers building, and will finish at the same point 1 lap (1.3 miles / 2.09km) later. Each competitor will complete 1 full timed lap of the circuit to record a time used to determine the Final Results, before exiting the Circuit via the Pitlane Entrance.

11. Timing modules: All competitors will be required to fit Electronic Self Identification Modules to their cars for the purposes of accurate timing. Holders for these and detailed fitting instructions will be issued with the transponders and it will be the responsibility of the competitor to fit these in the car in the position and manner specified. The Modules must be in place and functioning correctly for all practice sessions and timed runs. The setting and servicing of these items must only be carried out by properly authorised MSA licenced Timekeepers. Competitors will be charged by the timing company for replacement of the Modules due to misuse or loss at any time during the season. Competitors may not place electronic timing equipment within five metres of the official Start, Finish or any other official timing lines in use at the event. Any such equipment placed within these zones will be removed.

12. Flag signals: Flag signals will be used in accordance with MSA GR Q.5 and Q.15. Should the need arise to stop a session with the showing of the Red Flag then all competitors should slow down and return the Pitlane, following any instructions given by the marshals.

13. Scrutineering: Times and locations for official scrutineering will be advised in the Final Instructions. Please present your car for Scrutineering in a clean condition (MSA GR H.33.1.2) and produce your crash helmet and overalls for inspection.

14. Timetable: Individual times for practice and timed runs will be advised in the Final Instructions. It is the Drivers responsibility to be ready at least 15 minutes before their published start time. The organisers will try to run the programme as published, but they reserve the right to delay or bring forward event times to suit the conditions of the day.

15. Competition Numbers: Numbers must be displayed in accordance with MSA GR J.4.1. It is the Entrants responsibility to ensure that numbers are properly presented for Scrutineering (MSA GR S.9.2.5) and are clearly visible throughout the event. The organisers reserve the right to allocate any number should your preferred number be unavailable.

16. Noise Control: Noise testing will be carried out in compliance with MSA General Regulations (Section J).

17. Pits: Cars calling at the pits during practice must use the pit entry road. Failure to use the road correctly, crossing any marker line or not complying with directions given by pit marshals on entering or leaving the pits, may lead to exclusion. The outer lane or lanes are to be kept unobstructed to allow safe passage of cars at all times. The onus shall be on all drivers to take due care and drive at minimum speeds in the pit lane. Refuelling in the pit lane is not permitted. Children under the age of 16 years are not permitted in the pit lane area.

18. Paddock: Please park sensibly in the Paddock without wasting space with caravans, road cars, trailers etc. The actual paddock roadways must be unobstructed at all times. Under no circumstances must any paddock surface be broken in any way i.e tent pegs/stakes etc. Any person found damaging the surface may be excluded from the meeting and the circuit operators may take action to recover damages. All domestic rubbish must be placed in the bins provided, any scrap vehicle parts including tyres must be removed from site. Waste oil should be removed from site or disposed of in the waste oil containers. The use of support vehicles is not permitted unless transporting ancillary equipment in the pit & paddock area, with special attention to no unlicensed riders on motorcycles or scooters in the paddock or any other part of the circuit land. No competitor may use a support vehicle in the pit road at any time unless authorised by a race official. Any misuse of “support vehicles” will be brought to the attention of the Senior Officials and appropriate action may be taken.

19. Parc Fermé: The organisers may at their discretion specify Parc Fermé requirements as may be deemed necessary for the proper conduct of the event.

20. Driver Nomination: Drivers must be nominated on the Entry Form. Any application to change the nominated driver must be made in writing to the Secretary of the Meeting not less than one hour before the start of practice (MSA GR D.25.1.12).

21. Results & Protests: Provisional results will be published on the Official Notice Board, in accordance with regulations, as soon as possible after each session and will be available from Race Control. Protests should be made in accordance with MSA GR C.5 Protests.

22. Awards: Awards will be presented at the conclusion of the event. 1st, 2nd & 3rd in each class in the overall classification will receive a trophy subject to 1, 3 & 5 starters respectively.

23. Health & Safety: Health & Safety Guidance notes are available from Knockhill Racing Circuit. Competitors must ensure that they are familiar with these regulations.


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